1. Observations and Questions about Life-Logging

    Narrative CameraAs humans, we can probably all agree that life is a precious- and hard to remember- experience. Luckily, the rapid development of technology has made possible the opportunity to observe our entire lives and truly take advantage of a perspective from a higher plane. This new perspective comes in the form of (mostly) small cameras that can be attached to the body and record the surroundings of the…

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  2. The Relationship Between Imagination, Psychedelics, and Technology from Jason Silva


    One of mankind’s most pivotal…

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  3. Harvard Students Develop Transparent Ionic Gel-Based Speaker Opening New Doors for Technology


    Material scientists Jeong-Yun Sun…

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  4. University of Washington Brings Internet Mediated Telepathy One Step Closer to Reality


    In an astonishing display of what…

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  5. Melodysheep Songifies Our Place in the Cosmos


    What’s our place in the cosmos,…

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